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Want to dispose of your SCRAP METAL?

When you want to sell your scrap metal, we understand that you want a quick and easy sale for as much money as you can get. So that's exactly what we give you!

We have a team of well qualified experts who are dedicated to helping all our customers walk away with a smile.

Centre Scrap Metal - Scrap Metal Frankston offers Cash for Scrap metal like brass, aluminium, copper, steel.

With a long history of service, we got all the best Quote for you. You can get a quote by calling us or simply fill out the online enquiry form.

We also understand what you need for selling your car. We operate 7 days a week, from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. Call us on 04 6689 3578.


FREE Car Removal

We buy scrap metals like brass, aluminium, copper, steel, radiator, batteries and much more.

Specialist in site clean up that can clean out your Workshops, shop, warehouse, Factory , farm etc.


Centre Scrap Metal is proud to pay competitive cash prices for Scrap Metal.

We pay top Dollars for Unwanted Cars, Damaged Cars, Old Cars and much more...

Centre Scrap Metal offers a free collection service to all of our customers.

Same Day Removal Available.


Centre Scrap Metal Pty Ltd is a distinguished Scrap metal recycler in Melbourne that pays top price in the market for Scrap Metal and Old Cars - Scrap Cars - Unwanted Cars - Damaged Cars any size & any condition. If you have any scrap metal or Old car lying at the corner of your house, bring them to us and get instant cash, or give us a call we arrange to pick them up for you. We do not charge you for the towing.


Sick of the backyard full of old cars and broken down washing machine? Just can not move anymore in your garage, need the space. Get rid of that project that never happened.

At Centre Scrap Metal - Scrap Metal Frankston we pride ourselves on great customer service. All our customers deal with us directly and enjoy a friendly service as well as the best prices available.

Centre Scrap Metal - Scrap Metal Frankston can Remove your Scrap Metal in Frankston.

Centre Scrap Metal - Scrap Metal Frankston will help you in removing your old car and other metal scrap with our specialised cash backs on scrap metal removal services. What distinguishes us from the other scrap metal removal service providers in Frankston is our extremely reasonable cash offers and free removal services.

Call 0466 893 578 today and get cash for your scrap metal.

Cash For Scrap Metal

Got heaps of scrap metal in your backyard?

Call Centre Scrap Metal. We offer FREE Scrap Metal Removal in Frankston and the surrounding areas.


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  • Old Cars / Damaged Cars / Unwanted Cars
  • Batteries / Radiators
  • Electric Motors
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